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Ramakrishnan Sekar

M. Arch, The University of Melbourne, Australia + B. Arch, Anna University, India 

I am a graduate of architecture who is passionate about public and mixed-use architecture. I am interested in affordable housing, sustainable developments, biophilic design and buildings that respond to cultural and contextual values. I believe that architecture is for all and something that takes from and gives back to nature and am inquisitive about the relationship between old & contemporary architecture and how they interact with the ever-changing environment. I have recently been gathering knowledge and experimenting with parametric architecture using latest 3D and rendering programs.

I have been a part of interesting practical design studios on sustainable housing, community centre, parasitic architecture, technical skyscraper design, Melbourne sky-rail competition, interactive installation at NGV (2017) and have published a resilient architecture manifesto that discusses reusing textiles in the building industry. I also had the privilege to actively participate with City of Port Phillip council and with firms like DesignInc Melbourne and Nightingale Housing as an architecture student and have proposed a new model of live + work + play building strategy as part of my design thesis.

My other interests include sketching, painting, street photography and playing the piano.




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